Hulu is a streaming service with a huge catalogue of content. Although its main appeal is its wide selection of television shows, Hulu also offers a lot of original content. It also offers new episodes of popular TV shows the day after they air on network television. In addition, the service has a lot of movies, including new releases from 20th Century Studios. You can even watch live television with Hulu. Hulu and Netflix both offer many advantages over each other.

Hulu has a cheaper monthly plan than Netflix, and its content is similar to the standard Netflix plan. However, it has fewer categories than Netflix. Also, Hulu has a Disney bundle that offers a lot of original content. Netflix has a vast selection of movies and TV shows, but Hulu offers more options for those who are looking for new TV shows.

But Which is Better?

When comparing both Hulu and Netflix, it is important to consider your personal needs. If you are a serious binge-watcher, you may want to sign up for both. Both services offer plenty of content, and you can choose the one that suits your budget best. Both services also feature unique features, such as an interactive interface that allows users to search content by genre, popularity, and audience age group.

Hulu offers new episodes of network TV shows the day after they air on network television. This is great news for those who want to watch the latest episodes of their favourite shows. Hulu also has a huge library of classic TV shows. It features popular shows such as The Office, Seinfeld, and Friends. Other shows include The Twilight Zone, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and countless others.

How to Watch Hulu For Free?

If you are thinking about how to watch Hulu for free, there are a few different ways to do it. Firstly, you need to subscribe to a plan that includes Hulu. You can also add premium channels like HBO Max and Cinemax to your account for a small fee.

In addition, you can also add up to six user profiles on Hulu. This helps you build a personalized watch list and improve the recommendation engine. Hulu also tells you what shows and movies are coming out in the next few months, as well as those that are about to expire. This is something that you can’t get with Netflix.

Another way to watch Hulu for free is by becoming an ambassador for the service. The ambassador program is not advertised on the Hulu website but is available for bloggers who have a large audience. If you are a blogger with a high audience, you can apply for it and get a free subscription.

Another way to watch Hulu is to install the Hulu app on your smart TV. However, not all smart TVs support the Hulu app. Some models are not compatible with this app or have outdated software. If you find that you can’t download the app on your smart TV, you can try updating it through your TV’s app store. If you’re unable to install the app, you can still access Hulu by using other methods, including laptops and consoles.

If you live outside of the US you can also use a Hulu VPN to connect to your account. Just sign in via a US server on your VPN.