The ever-changing technology continues to transform the way we send and receive messages. Various messaging apps are now taking over the role of SMS in exchanging and transporting information online. In fact, the popularity of these messaging apps continues to influence a wide variety of industries, especially during the pandemic making it one of the trending topics in the market. But the question is, what does it take to be the world’s largest communication provider? 

WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryptions for all your messages, whereas Telegram only does so when you enable Secret Chats. In addition, both apps allow you to send and receive self-destructing photos and messages. Users can also create their own chatbots to enhance their experience. Telegram also provides an API for developers to create their own bots. 

On the other hand, WeChat is a multipurpose messaging app and social media platform app launched in 2011. Chinese users refer to it as the “app for everything” or “the super app.” The app provides hybrid means of messaging experience to users providing advanced features that let you communicate through text message, voice mail, phone, and video calls. 

Companies and corporations often face difficulties collecting WeChat communications data. It isn’t easy to achieve efficient WeChat call monitoring because most conversations are on employees’ devices and not in corporate networks, unless you’re the Chinese government who constantly monitors WeChat messages. Monitoring and recording messages are necessary for American and European companies to comply with certain data retention regulations.

Employee privacy is at stake when communicationsdata are captured on personal devices. Fortunately, businessescancapture WeChat conversations by investing in robust archiving solutions that record messages. To discourage employees from circumventing such systems, companies must ensure that the archiver they use will not compromise their privacy.

Although it may sound appealing to encourage employees to share their call recordings and chats during an investigation, it is difficult to do so. It’s possible that employees don’t retain conversationsthemselves andimmediately delete messages. It is better to invest in a WeChat recordingsolution to automatically retain work-related WeChat communications.

You can learn more about the other two communication providers through TeleMessage’s infographic on who the world’s largest communication provider is. Like WeChat calls and messages, the other two’s communications data must also be retained to comply with relevant data retention regulations.