The first thing a company that wants to start actively engaging users through email deliverability should do is worried about the technological state of the email account. This is very important and really affects the entire operation of a company’s marketing component. Learn more about how to engage new users and increase email deliverability, including with the help of technological solutions, in the current tutorial. Reply experts have carefully studied all the factors of email deliverability and made practical conclusions on how to improve communication with potential buyers or customers. And we will try to supplement this information with some interesting aspects, which were not touched upon in the experts’ publication. Let’s talk about how to shape messages and how to populate them.

What should be emailed to potential buyers

This question is almost rhetorical. And each marketer makes his own decision, which may be more effective than all others. 

In fact, it’s easier to answer the question of what should not be considered effective communication that will create a future purchase prerequisite. Marketing research shows three such “neutral” or anti-incentive messages:

  • Service-type messages – contacts for orders or payments;
  • Messages about a presentation or appointment;
  • mailings with the usual significant holidays – a company birthday or Christmas.

In each case, and for a particular audience should be selected special “keys. That is, for builders, you should make a message containing useful information about new solutions in the construction industry or useful data about innovative materials, etc.

What matters first and foremost is the usefulness, brevity, and relevance of the specific information to the person. And only after that is the commercial content that encourages people to buy or consider ordering products/services.

Value and value of the message

Every message must have a certain value in order not to end up in an e-mail spam box. It could be a link to download a free electronic service manual for appliances or clothes care. Or maybe it would be a qualified tutorial on childcare. Or data that is useful to the home handyman on the ratio of drill diameters to dowel diameters. There can be many such examples and options for valuable side information. It is important not to turn the newsletter into a reference book. And emphasize – if there will be such data, it will be as a bonus. And our main value is quality and necessary goods/services.